Dein Lachen
Single - 2017
My 2nd socially critical project about physical, psychological and sexual abuse against children and adolescents
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Frieden ist kein Wintergarten
Single - 2015
In solidarity with the wave of refugees in 2015 I initiated my very first socially critical project about human rights
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Rise above the night
Single - 2013
This is my official song with I participate at the Eurovision Songcontest for Austria. It’s recorded from small to big and universal. My song describes a breakaway to a higher ecstasy… freedom, passion and love.. It’s a fictive story of a person who guides his love to an ultimate feeling.
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25 Lightyears Away
Single - 2012
My very first feature with the famous German producer Yanou (known from Cascada and ‚Heaven’ feat Do & DJ Sammy). Release in Europe, Dancesmash on Dutch finest Radio538
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Single - 2012 This song is so funny, listen and don’t forget it. Blow me a whistle! It’s about love and passion that turns into jalousie and hate. It shows me as a ‘murderer’ ending up on death row, the electric chair…don’t be afraid…just fiction…with hidden reality facts! Skintight also hit the TOP40 of The Dutch Antilles.
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Years from now
Album - 2012
My very first album, I’m so proud of it!! It’s some kind of diary of my life. About who I was, who I am and about my/our future. A vintage guitar sound with modern pop/rock and a hint of rawness.
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No One's Fool
Single - 2012
This is one of my personal number 1 songs. Dedicated to all my music heroes in my childhood! Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young…and many more. It also was on High rotation on Dutch national radio.
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I'm still pretending
Single - 2011
I guess this story is about my youth…never coming home, just party…and again I messed it up. It’s a powerful song about life I think everybody can identify himself with this track…at least men…
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Single - 2009
I wrote this song with Alex Beck from Austria. With this song my career as an international artist started rolling. I won the Radio538 Demo Duel with it, the track became ‘Alarmschijf’ (the most important song for one week on Radio538), hit Dutch TOP40 and I performed on Queensday in front of an open- air audience with more than 300.000 people on Museumplein…one more reason for me to move to The Netherlands to work on my career as an artist.
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